You may remember the “Distance Between” meme, that became popular back in October after Twitter user @Cybersnitch tweeted this:

cybersnitch / Via

Since then, a new meme using pushpins has emerged. Introducing the Location Meme.

Here are some that’ll make you crack a smile (or make you feel personally attacked).

1. For people who always root for the wrong character.

tooruthot / Via

2. For Disney World fans

__aaron_17 / Via

3. For people who follow their crush on Twitter

perksofjustine / Via

4. For people who have more internet friends than IRL friends.

Anathema_Ali / Via

5. For people who have self-sabotaging tendencies.

peedekaf / Via

6. For people who fancy celebs over people IRL.

sebsloki / Via

7. Similarly, for people who fall in love with fictional characters instead.

ohmyblakes / Via

8. For Drake fans

WordOnRd / Via

9. For anime fans.

sailorsapphic_ / Via

10. For people who only wear black t-shirts.

Mysq_ / Via

11. For people who don’t get a good night’s sleep.

belmeran / Via

12. For iced coffee lovers

CharCherette / Via

13. For The Office lovers

TobyHater / Via

14. For dog lovers

mitsurutenma / Via

15. For book lovers

sebastian_lk / Via

16. For meme lovers

peedekaf / Via

17. For writers with endless ideas

tinyasra / Via

18. And finally, for people who deal with being upset like this.

kaiteasley / Via

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: __aaron_17 / twitter