1. When your S.O. gives you the rest of their burrito, but they’ve picked out all the steak. @RussTap

2. Woke up and ate a cold meatball = living the dream. @TinyJana

3. I aired out my bra and pork fell out. @saruhhsick

4. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m probably gonna eat this burger in the bathtub while watching Japanese TV in my fancy hotel room. @kirksays

5. I wish there was a line of deodorant specifically for meat sweats. @SaraJaclyn

6. Live every night like it’s wing night @LouieAronowitz

7. All hamburgers are salads, but not all salads are hamburgers. @JohannaSarriot

8. Wake up every Sunday morning terrified there may not be enough hours in the day for me to eat BBQ pulled pork @smazz309

Some critiques of my culinary arts portfolio:
—“Too much ham”
—“Not enough ham”
—“Not enough salt”
—“You mailed meat?”
—“The ham went bad” @aecushing

10. walked into yankee stadium and immediately bought a footlong hot dog @_lanabelle

11. “We spent another $40 on beef jerky and went HAM on it.” “Actually we went beef and have a problem.” @ohnoashleycat

12. Making pulled pork in the crockpot…I’ve spent the last 41/2 hours smelling food I still have to wait 4 more hours to eat. @architectbrian