#1 “My professor doesn’t believe in laser pointers, so he uses a fishing pole with a foam finger attached.”

kirstenteigg / Via twitter.com

#2 “My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and I don’t know where the left one is. Anyone know where I can get a single left tampon to keep a set here for emergencies?”

harambevan / Via twitter.com

#3 A guy spent a month with a ring, taking pictures of it near his girlfriend, before proposing to her. And he finally did!

Edi Okoro / Via facebook.com

#4 “My mom was all cute wearing little hanger earrings, minding her own cute business, then my dad comes into the room…”

TheHungryLazy / Via twitter.com

#5 “So, today at the gym I thought my trainer was flirting with me when he asked for my number and to take a pic of me. Turns out he thinks that I resemble Buzz Lightyear and sent me this.”

embaummy / Via twitter.com

#6 So I found out you can get custom shower curtains made online. I regret nothing.

_MikePossibly_ / Via reddit.com

#7 When all you need is just one letter to make a great joke.

Katsunathescript / Via reddit.com

#8 “Buddy of mine sent me this with a message that says, “Bro, you need this dog.”

mikefromtheclub / Via reddit.com

#9 “Gotta do it the right way.”

batusoydeger / Via reddit.com

#10 “So, how many girls live in this apartment?”

StiiN / Via pikabu.ru

#11 “That moment you realize your daughter is the same size as your Storm Troopers…”

Jimmyhornet / Via reddit.com

#12 “Well. He’s not wrong.”

D0NW0N / Via reddit.com

#13 It’s hard to remain serious when texting.

Merelin2012 / Via pikabu.ru, brightside.me

#14 How men want be treated when their boys aren’t around:

pls_stfu / Via twitter.com

#15 This is the most honest reaction to when the wedding bouquet is thrown during the wedding and anyone’s girlfriend might catch it.

kit_nam / Via twitter.com

#16 “Asked my boyfriend to wait for me in the car. It took me longer than I expected. This is what happened!”

vikakus / Via pikabu.ru, brightside.me

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: pls_stfu / twitter.com