1. This girl who discovered an alternative use for a burrito

2. The person who invented this ingenious product

3. God bless burritos
Introduced @naaaaaaaaancyn to a Henneritto (Hennessy+Burrito=No need to pay for high priced alcohol

4. This traveller who beat the system

5. This girl who hid her contraband in plain sight

6. This hero who stood up to the rules of a cruise ship

7. This hero who fought back against the oppressive system of racecourse security

8. And this person who made excellent use of a baguette


9. And this one with her magical umbrella

10. This girl who debuted a new hairstyle


11. Seriously, all mums deserve our respect

12. This fashion-forward thinker

13. This music-festival-goer who proves that you don’t need a cape to be a hero

14. This mastermind who’s changing the rules of the game

15. This person who gave us a life-changing new way of using bread