Avadhesh Khanna

Well, It’s not unusual password, but unusual trick, my geeky-gamezoned brother used.

He is having tendency to keep his mobile number as password (wherever delicate passwords with spacial character & alphabets are not mandatory).

Let’s say his mobile number is 9512346978.

Now, what he did was completely out of box. He mapped mobile keypad pattern into computer numpad.

He typed password on computer numpad while imagining as mobile keypad.

1 becomes 7

2 becomes 8

3 becomes 9…and so on.

His password becomes:


Bazooka !

Hats off to his brain power.

Omar Patel

Most people tend not to believe me, but this was the password for my old laptop (it took me about 4.73 hours of just staring at it to memorize this):


Don’t ask. Please don’t ask. Too many people ask me why it takes about 5 minutes to log in. Not to mention when I accidentally type it in wrong…fu*k.

Believe it or not, this isn’t just a 54-random-word-scrabble. Each of these actually represent a piece of my childhood.

Let’s break it down:

caledfwlch – One of the spells in my favourite book series as a kid: Charlie Bone.

13214 – My age when I created it. I was about 13 and a half hence 13–2–14.

8748 – My mom’s phone pin number…sorry mom.

90703 – My old zip code in Southern California.

.pdx97 – Where I was born, PDX is the abbreviation for Portland, Oregon and when I born.

bballcclbj23 – You have to watch basketball to know this one.

…———… – I’m sure most of you know what this is. If not…learn it. It can save your life (not really).

SOS – Well…the meaning of the Morse code that I just showed you.

I think this was around the time after my dad told me that it’s easy for “hackers” to get into your email with a weak password. I was 13. I thought I as creating an ‘un-hackeable’ password.

I haven’t used this password in years, but I still remember it. It has sentimental value.

Mishall Rajkumar

It’s my brother’s.

His facebook password is INCORRECT. Actually he is very bad at remembering passwords. So, if he types his password wrongly, the computer says “Your password is Incorrect”. And then he remembers it. Quite crazy isn’t it?

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