Chan Le

A few years ago I entered a coffee place in Saigon and asked for the wifi password. The cute waitress answered, with a smile:

- Do you have a girlfriend?

I thought she misheard what I asked, so I replied:

- Err I just want the wifi password :

- It’s “Do you have a girlfriend?”

- Ohhhhhhh

1 month later, they changed it to something more obvious:

“Can I have your number?”

Surjit Raghunath

This used to be the case in the previous apartment I used to stay in. Sweety was our neighbour’s hot daughter. There was this other neighbour who found a cunning way to communicate. He kept his Wi-Fi name as “In love with next door sweety”. And Sweety’s Mom’s comeback was epic. Still cracks me up.

Image Credit: Surjit Raghunath

Ahmet Soper

My favorite from a coffee shop in Vietnam:

“I don’t know”

You don’t know the password?

The password is “I don’t know”

David Springs

My home wi-fi has, for several years now, been “FBI_Surveillance_Van”. The neighbors tend to avoid trying to use it.

Shivani Singh

Once I asked my guy friend for his WiFi password. He was single and in need of a gf . When I asked he simply told “please be my gf”.

I was like “what are you saying man?”

He told “ Why? You just asked for it, right?”

I said “No , I mean it was all so sudden , let me think about it”

He said “ About what?”

I told “ you just proposed me , right?”

He said, “No dumbo that’s my WiFi password – plzbemygf .”

:Awkward silence :

He was the one to break the silence , “ waise tum ready ho then we can enter in a relationship” ( translation: if you are ready then we can enter in a relationship)

That was how I got my bf . :P

Brett Morrison

If you ask for my wi-fi password, I will curse you out and tell you no f*cking way. When you look at me a little dumbfounded, I’ll add “That’s the password.” Never fails for both a shock and a good laugh.

Although, when my in-laws come over, I tell them “It’s complicated. I’ll just type it in for you.”


Me: Hi, can I get your Wi-Fi password?

Waiter: ask my boss

Me: Sorry. What’s your Wi-Fi password?

Waiter: ask my boss (with a smirk)

Me: (5 seconds of silence) Oh!

Then, he left with a big smile on his face.

Paulo MC

I moved into a flat about 2 years ago in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. One of my neighbors had a wifi named “iCanHearYouHavingSexAtNight”. Another neighbor had his wifi as “comeAndJoinUsNakedBringBeer”

Not crazy, but certainly funny.

Amelia Barazkay

I was visiting my uncle’s house and asked for the WiFi password. He replied, “I don’t remember.”

I persisted, but he kept on saying, “I don’t remember.”

I figured it out after a while. I typed in “idontremember” and it worked!

Brandon Hinds

Once I was at a hackathon and unfortunately the Wi-Fi wasn’t that great but someone had a hotspot with the name, wait for it, “YellPenisForThePassword”. At around midnight someone seemed to have had enough of the not so good Wi-Fi provided and yelled “penis”.

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