1. This dad, who used his kid’s diapers to cushion his instrument for travel

davidrosalesmusic / Via instagram.com

2. This dad, who at least put a life jacket on the poor dog

dsamantha922 / Via twitter.com

3. This dad, who did some serious editing to his kid’s birthday card

Kathbum / Via twitter.com

4. This dad, who ate his kid’s leftovers then left them money to make up for it

jeanetti11 / Via instagram.com

5. This dad, who’s not exactly “emergency contact” material

rachelhoooooo / Via instagram.com

6. This dad, who was supposed to be helping his daughter unpack

shayla329 / Via twitter.com

7. This dad, who forgot to put the car in park

nad_cro / Via instagram.com

8. This dad, who placed this refrigerator magnet in a curious place on a picture of his grandchild

tru2tx / Via instagram.com

9. This dad, who might be the king of the overshare

adriennekellogg / Via instagram.com

10. This dad, who showed his dirty sense of humor

becca.joe32 / Via instagram.com

11. This dad, who texted his son a little late-night motivation

thereal_gbabe / Via instagram.com

12. This dad, who made a ring with his beer bottle top

carimaty / Via instagram.com

13. This dad, who wanted a reimbursement for his kid’s dreams

Adamjacobbbb / Via twitter.com

14. This dad, who — bless his heart — didn’t even know what day it was

slice1000 / Via instagram.com

15. This dad, who “upcycled” a lamp using a milk carton

iam_lk_1008 / Via instagram.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: slice1000 / instagram