Dad cheated on Mom 10 years ago. I haven’t told anyone.

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My dad forgot to logout from his email account on my PC. Just before I signed out his account without looking at anything, I saw the word “LOVE” in caps and it grabbed my attention since I know my mom never used email accounts back then. Then I decided to click the email and found out he has an affair with not only one but many. I keep clicking and clicking until my head was about to burst and tears on my eyes. I am her only son with two sisters. I love her to death and I know she loves me more than anything else.

She loves my dad to death too. She was from a rich family and he was from a poor family but love made her leave everything and live with him and raise us in a crappy life. Now he makes more money that made me discover there are more attractive women than my old mom. When I think about this it makes me hate man (even if I am a man who never cheated. I hope that it will never happen to me.)

I was so hurt in that moment that I cried almost for days (yeah, men has emotions too). But the good thing is it made love her more since now I know I am the only person she can trust and rely on.

Years passed by and she figured it out herself. I’m happy she did. But she never caught him when he is cheating so he still denies it. I used to love my dad until that moment but after that he is just another guy for me. I still respect what he did for me till now (I’m 26 years old) but I don’t have the same love for him.They are still together but the vibe will never be the same.

I wish I could heal her but it’t not in my control. I am working my a$$ in Silicon Valley hoping that she retires happy and I can travel the world with her.

For all Men out there, next time you are about to cheat on your wife/girl friend/, just take a second to think about it if it happened to your mom. I hope it will make you change your mind.

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When I was pregnant with my second child, my husband and I went to Florida to visit the in-laws. It was July and hot AF. I was stressed, as I always was when it came to those visits. My husband suggested I go have a massage, make me relax and feel good. My MIL gave me the name of her girlfriend’s guy so off I went.

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He seemed friendly enough and I was very comfortable, I’m basically a very comfortable in my skin kind of chick regardless so getting naked wasn’t an issue. I absolutely loved being pregnant too, this was my second time around so I was feeling good about how I looked. I got on the table and lied down on my back. It was my first time getting a massage and I told the man this when he came in the room. He told me that he would ask me if I was all right before he touched me anywhere and if I agreed, he’d keep going.

I didn’t know the protocol so I thought that sounded good. At first it was fine and he did my neck, my shoulders, my feet, legs, all good. Then he moved on to my upper thighs, he asked if it was good and I said yes. He moved up my thighs slowly rubbing them. I was completely relaxed. I was almost nodding off but a little on edge at the same time. I had a strange hyper awareness. He asked again if I was alright and I said yes. He then was standing next to the table, hands on my leg, looking down at my face. He slowly reached my labia. He was talking to me, maintaining eye contact as he massaged my inner and out labia. I was stuck there. I couldn’t move. I felt trapped by him. I was lying naked on my back on a table in South Florida with a stranger putting both of his hands on me. Talking and talking about how relaxed I was and how great I felt. My clothes were 6 feet away but it might have been 6000 miles. I was so fucked. It occurred to me right then I had booked an hour massage.

I said I had to go and he reminded me that I had paid for the hour and he knew who gave me the recommendation, small town BS, he told me he could really make me relaxed. He didn’t change course at all. After touching me for 25 minutes, that’s rough, I was counting in my head 1,2,3, he moved on to my breasts. For another 20 minutes he touched me in such a sexual way, I will never forget it. Again, he maintained eye contact like a first rate molester, he knew exactly what he was doing. After he left me to get dressed, I quickly grabbed my clothes, threw them on, put my shoes in my hands despite my deadly allergy to fire ants and attempted to bolt to my car.

I was walking briskly purse diagonal across my swollen belly, keys in one hand and shoes in the other. I had my face to the door, 2 feet from the outside and he called my name. I turned and I didn’t speak, he told me I forgot my tip. I told him I had cash in my car, let me just run and get it. He winked at me and I ran. I drove like a maniac back to our room. I saw my husband with our daughter playing in the pool with his parents.

I said hello. My husband told me I looked funny. I told him it was the heat. I was asked how my massage was, I said it was good. I also said it was my first so I didn’t have a means of comparison. I went into our room and took a very very long shower. I have never said a word about this to anyone, my husband only knows something weird happened and I was never getting a massage again. The reason I am posting this on Quora is because it’s a heavy weight and I wanted to put it down. I’ve been carrying this since July 2001, I need to leave it. This is also relatively anonymous and I used my pen name on here. I don’t think there will be ramifications and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed, I just don’t really want to think about it anymore.

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