1. This mom who used her screen protector’s throw-away film instead of the actual screen protector

The_PwnShop / Via reddit.com

2. My dad’s way of transferring pictures.

dealdroper / Via reddit.com

3. This mom who made a mistake we all hope we never make

LxMo / Via twitter.com

4. My dad is not used to spam mail haha, found this on his email.

FatManManFat / Via reddit.com

5. This mom who got her hopes up for nothing

baby_belllle / Via twitter.com

6. Walked in on my Dad using a magnifying glass to read text on his iphone.

kellalyne / Via reddit.com

7. Mom charges her phone in a cake pan because she heard they “blow up.”

Intplmao / Via reddit.com

8. This mom who may not know what Instagram is.

rjolayolay / Via twitter.com

9. This dad who didn’t know how to flip the camera as his daughter was getting proposed to.

Stop taking selfies dad. Your daughter just got engaged.

10. This mom who somehow made this a contact

jherrm / Via twitter.com

11. This mom who was (hopefully) a victim of autocorrect

sentience / Via twitter.com

12. My mom just got a phone for the first time (facepalm)

GermFreeCloth / Via reddit.com

13. This mom who just needed some guidance.

starkart / Via imgur.com

14. How my mom sets reminders on her phone.

brad9991 / Via reddit.com

15. This dad who had his photo duty revoked

kelvin_goertzen / Via twitter.com

16. My mother asked me to check out her phone that wasn’t working. Lol love you mom.

sskkooommaa / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: kellalyne / Reddit, The_PwnShop / Reddit