#1 This girl used her boss’ clapback against them:

Laurennknapp / Via twitter.com

#2 And so did this guy:

KnownAsWill / Via twitter.com

#3 This guy whose boss told his contacts he was bad at his job:

michaelbodey / Via twitter.com

#4 This guy definitely didn’t win over his boss with this text (he was fired):

SznVibes / Via twitter.com

#5 And this person accidentally called their boss “wife”:

ADamnDink / Via twitter.com

#6 This girl did this…

…and her boss didn’t approve:

#7 This girl’s boss was FED UP:

cottoncandaddy / Via twitter.com

#8 This girl’s boss did not appreciate her joke:

caitieekk / Via twitter.com

#9 This girl’s boss printed out her tweets about customers and was fired:

kayleighmcgheek / Via twitter.com

#10 This boss sent his employee this shady text:


#11 And this boss was just petty AF:

daberhasher / Via twitter.com

#12 This guy responded to his boss’ rude email with this:

TN_GA_Bromo / Via twitter.com

#13 This boss is definitely in for an awkward workday with their employee after weirdly asking them to get drinks:

jadewainw25 / Via twitter.com

#14 This boss freaked out over the dumbest reason:

freeishmedia, / Via twitter.com

#15 This boss did the unthinkable to his employee’s chicken:

RyanLostinTX / Via twitter.com

#16 And finally, this boss had zero sympathy:

ollietttaa / Via twitter.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: KnownAsWill / twitter.com