1. When you forget to write your review anonymously

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2. This person who parked in what is DEFINITELY NOT a parking space.

pluey200 / Via reddit.com

3. This AAA employee

iam_nobody / Via reddit.com

4. This person who has never heard a knock-knock joke before, but still gets points for laughing politely.

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5. This person who loves a little romance.

FlipettyFlop / Via reddit.com

6. I want 4 of those and throw in a dozen Picassos, if you will

pp0787 / Via reddit.com

7. This boyfriend who had apparently never heard of “gray” before.

Tyler1492 / Via reddit.com

8. This girl who has apparently never done laundry before.

TaoTeChing81 / Via reddit.com

9. That’s a pretty expensive ticket.

OhNoBaby__ / Via reddit.com

10. This person who tried to own someone online, and promptly got owned themselves.

FuCuck / Via reddit.com

11. This person who doesn’t seem to grasp how phone numbers work.

starsoriginated / Via reddit.com

12. Whoever attempted to use their apartment’s washing machine…as a salad spinner.

johno_mendo / Via reddit.com

13. This Twitter user who tried to lecture J.K. Rowling on a Harry Potter plotpoint.

UnlikelyJuice / Via reddit.com

14. My heart hurts for this person

moboa / Via reddit.com

15. This driver who simply could not be bothered to remove the snow from their windshield.

Idiot of the week award goes to this lady
lesstaller / Via reddit.com

16. This Amazon customer who asked if the toy model of Jupiter came in a “life-size” version.

Arborealbro / Via reddit.com

17. How to get out of a ticket

anonymous_puffin / Via reddit.com

18. This woman who used a Swiss army knife to open a wine bottle, apparently unaware that the tool actually has a corkscrew on it.

Endless_Vanity / Via reddit.com

19. It would be a cool feature, though.

piscuison / Via reddit.com

20. This mom, who at least gets an A for effort.

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