Recently, Twitter user Rick Klau shared the hotel hack that has “improved every night [he's] spent in a hotel.”

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Which has led to the rest of Twitter sharing some of their tips. Here are some of the best ones:

#1 If the hangers in your room don’t have clips on them, you can use a clip from a hotel pen:
I use the clip on the hotel pen but the hanger looks more effective!
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#2 And if you want to be prepared, just in case, you can bring along some binder clips with you:
2 or 3 binder clips stay in my luggage permanently for this very reason.
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#3 Use a chair to block excessive A/C:
Put the chair back in front of the A/C to stop it blowing directly on you.
_j_o_e / Via

#4 Use a shower cap (or an ice bucket bag) to cover the TV remote:
Best hotel hack: instead of touching the disgusting tv remote, wrap it in the shower cap!
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#5 Use a paper cup to fashion your own toothbrush holder so it doesn’t touch the sink counter:

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#6 Use any sort of card to keep the power on while you’re out for the day (in case you need to charge something):

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#7 Use the dry cleaning bag in your closet for dirty or wet clothes:
My hack is to use the bag hanging in the closet (that is there for dry cleaning) for dirty clothes or anything that might be wet or leak when packing to leave.
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#8 Use a wet towel to act as a humidifier in your dry room:
Soak a towel. Wring it a little tight so it’s not pouring off the towel. Hang it over the ironing board in front of the vent/heater. No more dry hotel room.
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#9 Bring a LAN cable to utilize faster internet:
I always bring a 10′ LAN cable and plug my laptop directly into the wireless router.
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#10 Use some tape to stop the light from the smoke detector interrupting your sleep:

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#11 Don’t want to pay for water from your mini fridge? See if the hotel gym as any:
Total travel cheat code along with grabbing free waters at the hotel gym.
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#12 Use the ironing board as an extra adjustable desk:
My favorite hotel hack: Your ironing board is an adjustable height desk. Since the chairs are never the right height, use the ironing board for long hotel work.
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#13 Annoyed by a lack of outlets? Bring an outlet surge protector with you:
Pack a multiple outlet surge protector, preferably with a long cable. Never run out of outlets again.
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#14 Or if you want something a little smaller, you can bring a power splitter:

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#15 Use a hanger and the shower door to steam your clothing:
My hotel hack is hang your shirt up on a coat hanger on the back of the shower door. The steam will help the creases fall out from it being in your case.
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#16 When you arrive, ask the front desk for extra coffee pods — they’ll probably have them:
On multi-day stays, ask for extra coffee pods when you check in, then you don’t have to call down for them on your second morning.
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#17 And finally, ask the front desk if there are any extra phone chargers in their lost and found:
My hotel hack is if you ever need an extra phone charger ask the front desk if they found one. They have a box full.
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