William Beteet

1. You are more likely to kill yourself from a breakup than to be killed by ISIS

2. The more you care about someone’s opinion of you, the less they think of you.

3. Your unwillingness to make a mistake is the biggest mistake

4. Most people will never accomplish their dreams, and most who do are still not happy

5. People’s perception of you is more important than reality, perception is what makes someone guilty not the facts

6. You are the person you’ve chosen to be – so it’s your fault if you don’t like who you see in the mirror

7. If you’re a minority man, you will be handicapped on online dating (Go talk to women in real life)

8. We tend to value people who don’t think we’re important and take for granted those who do

9. The world could become a utopia but most people won’t be happy because their minds won’t let them be

10. One day you will never be able to hear your loved one’s voice again – so call them today!

Julian Reisinger

Some dark lessons from the area of love:

The person who cares less has the most power in a relationship.

No one will ever be able to make you feel loved unless you love yourself.

You can’t change others.

No matter how hot you find someone, you’ll get used to their appearance faster than you like.

The cute little quirks of today can be the soul-crushing flaws of tomorrow.

We will all eventually become old and unattractive in the eyes of society.

Often, the less you care about a particular woman, the easier it is to end up with her.

Both sexes are easy to manipulate with the same principles that marketers use to sell us crap – scarcity, commitment, reciprocity, authority, social proof, and liking.

Men will never know how it feels to be a woman and vice versa.

You can love your partner till death and still want to sleep with others.

Image Credit: Julian Reisinger

You can’t always get what (who) you want.

Love, dating, and relationship can’t be “figured out” logically. They require empathy, vulnerability, and honesty.

Emotions change all the time. It’s possible to think you love someone with all your heart, but then one day you sober up and find out you truly don’t.

When in love, everyone becomes an idiot.

“Show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a man who’s tired of sleeping with her.”

The higher you set the expectations from the beginning, the harder it will be to maintain the relationship. E.g., Send your girlfriend flowers every day and it will be cute for the first three days, cheesy after that, then awkward, and finally unbearable.

The opposite of well is well-meaning.

Chandni Sethia

Without Money, you are nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

Not even your closest relatives will take your responsibility in times of deepest tragedy. For them, you are a bigger tragedy.

You are a burden to everyone except your parents.

Your “Suraj Barjatya” happy family frame is all about your earnings. You earn well and you are respected in your family tree. No one cares about the struggle except your parents.

Only your parents stand by you when you fail. Rest, don’t care.

Nothing can make your relative happier than you being jobless.

Nothing can make your relative more frantic than you getting a better job than their kids.

All that glitters is GOLD in corporate world. You have good contacts and you can reach good heights. The one who slogs will never be appreciated.

Getting a job is not happiness. It is a relief and ego booster.

You are liked only till you are a good entertainment in anyway.. be it thoughts, humor etc. You’ll be forgotten as quickly as you are hailed.

You want to achieve certain goals, not because you want them. It’s because others have reached there.

Job change is not for your own happiness or satisfaction. It is to show off to everyone with the raised pay.

Your neighbors are not there to help you, if you are a single parent. They are there to keep an eye on you to the point that even your brother visiting you raises an alarm in their head.

Marriage does not convert a man/woman to a family person. Even having kids can’t achieve that. The age old idea that is being fed by the elders – “Get him/her married, he/she will become responsible” is a failure.

Marriage doesn’t bring two families together. It brings two individuals together who crib about each other’s families meddling their noses between the couple.

If you’re a single girl, your worth is measured by the number of marriage proposals you are getting. If none, then you are a problematic bone not just to your family (according to the neighbors) but also to the entire neighborhood.

Love is glorious at its best till you are dating with your best foot forward. Marriage actually breaks the spell.

Love is about accepting your partner with every flaw – is the Biggest Bullshit Ever. People hate flaws. And so would you.

Be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you is a myth. People will use you, throw you in a gutter and move on. They are there with you because you are easy to get money out from.

Nobility and feeling safe has no relation with old age. Elder people also hit and try to have a go.

Only a woman can understand other woman’s pain – An overrated statement.

We are jealous creatures. Mind you, even if we are happy for our friends, there is somewhere hidden jealousy or let’s say “why not me?” simmering in there.

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