#1 What’s the use in wearing a helmet?

I_AM_A_IDIOT_AMA / Via reddit.com


ISPVersailles / Via twitter.com

#3 There’s seriously no point.

Evauk_Folfy / Via twitter.com

#4 …And this, kids, is why we wear helmets when we skateboard.

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#5 They’re completely useless.

Scott_Thwaites1 / Via twitter.com

#6 Parents, please make sure your children wear helmets! They do work!

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#7 This is why you wear a full helmet. My friend was hit by someone who ran a red light. If he had wore a skull cap, he’d have no lower jaw.

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#8 Daily reminder to wear a helmet.

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#9 All they do is make you look dumb.

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#10 Seems like a big waste of money.


#11 The helmet that saved my friend’s life.

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#12 Won’t ever catch me in one of these money-su*ks

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#13 Stay Safe.

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#14 I mean, what’s the point?

jesssarmyy1 / Via twitter.com

#15 Nope, can’t see a reason at all to wear a helmet

AndoverPolice / Via twitter.com

#16 I mean, come on

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#17 None at all

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#18 Why wear a full-face helmet?


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