#1 Who said you can’t share a balcony with a huge tree?

smartforever / Via reddit.com

#2 When you get creative, there’s not a tree you can’t save.

MooseinPursuit / Via reddit.com

#3 “My neighbor trimmed their tree so the sidewalk can still be used.”

vanko987 / Via reddit.com

#4 Silos can hold a range of different things and trees are no exception.

DriftN2Forty / Via reddit.com

#5 As a member of the family, this tree will never leaf your side.

catherUne / Via reddit.com

#6 Besides providing us with oxygen, trees are also great at blocking unwanted attention.

cadburied / Via reddit.com

#7 It’s not every day that you see a tree growing out of a gas station.

peknakobliha / Via reddit.com

#8 We give them space to grow, they give us air to breathe.

ksoltis / Via reddit.com

#9 Does this house have a tree coming out of its roof or does this tree have a house coming out of its branches?

Biggusz_Dickusz / Via reddit.com

#10 The mindful way to build a fence

_nicksw / Via reddit.com

#11 A house and a tree getting cozy

TCromps / Via reddit.com

#12 “Cut down the tree? Nope! Build the wooden fence around it!”

smallstone / Via imgur.com

#13 Can you imagine passing by a giant tree on your way to your bedroom?

land.boutique / Via instagram.com

#14 “I’d happily take this ’root’ home just to have my faith in humanity renewed.”

PrestigeMaster / Via reddit.com

#15 The trees were there first, so we’re the ones who should adapt to them.

GeorgeOG / Via reddit.com

#16 “A handrail in a nature preservation area”

jabinha / Via reddit.com

#17 In order to preserve it, the town of Pato Branco, Brazil, built a road around this Araucaria tree.

Patópolis / Via facebook.com

#18 Wooden you enjoy seeing more buildings incorporating trees in their design?

jratch94 / Via reddit.com

#19 The perfect supermarket has to sell everything you need, be not too far away from your house, and, of course, embrace trees.

Sparkwitch / Via reddit.com

#20 Integrating trees in architecture is a simple way of giving life to dull buildings.

absintheverte / Via reddit.com

#21 Who knew a convenience store could make such a beautiful gesture toward the environment?

luv1138 / Via reddit.com

#22 With people like this, the world may be heading in the right direction.

Johan Dehlin / Via johandehlin.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: jabinha / reddit.com, Johan Dehlin / johandehlin.com