1. They love taking pictures

miinute_ / Via twitter.com

2. They make great family members

jordieham / Via twitter.com

3. They’ve got great style

drufoz / Via twitter.com

4. They’ve got the best dance moves

unknown / Via facebook.com

5. They might just become your friend

chucknyce116 / Via twitter.com

6. They’ll miss you if you don’t

asiachloebrown / Via twitter.com

7. They’re always willing to play it forward

sydneywidenhou1 / Via twitter.com

8. They have the best opinions

debthaver / Via tumblr.com

9. They give nice, firm handshakes


10. They get the best angles

hayleynewcombb / Via twitter.com

11. They’re always up for a conversation

wodayo / Via reddit.com

12. They’re breaking news

daveeitzen / Via twitter.com

13. They just might need some help


14. They tip very well

juliaannbennett / Via twitter.com

15. They’re just looking out for ya

Behemoth_Nemoth / Via reddit.com

16. They might just be Santa

erica_lee123 / Via twitter.com

17. They want shots

paytongrett / Via twitter.com

18. They want to go for a ride


19. They’re LAWLESS

zvchelmz / Via twitter.com

20. They’re always willing to lend a hand

SexyFu*kDuck / Via reddit.com

21. They might just give you a new friend

Munoz0702 / Via twitter.com

22. They might just be there when you need them

hollywoodpizzapirate / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: Behemoth_Nemoth / Reddit