1. 12 inches of ham
I just witnessed someone order a plain ham footlong from subway, I’m lost for words.

2. Guac and balls
Guy at Subway just ordered guac on his meatball sandwich. I have to call the police right? Only a serial killer could do that

3. BBQ tuna
Just saw a dude at Subway order barbecue sauce on his tuna sub. I never wanted to fight someone more in my life.

4. Ketchup and bread
This lady at subway actually just ordered a six inch sub with absolutely nothing on it except ketchup

5. The B.L. sandwich
Woman at Subway in front of me just ordered a BLT-hold the bacon. Guy taking the order was just as confused as I was..

6. The B. sandwich
Swear to God – at Subway in TX panhandle somewhere and this woman just ordered a BLT, no lettuce, no tomato, double bacon.

7. Just the B
Some guy at Subway just ordered bacon. That’s it.

8. Spinach and mayo
wowww this dude at Subway just ordered a foot long sandwich on wheat, “JUST SPINACH AND MAYONNAISE, A LITTLE BIT OF SALT” dog go home

9. Literally just bread
This dude just ordered bread at subway… only bread

10. A venti
Some girl at Subway just ordered a venti sub?? Is this Starbucks now?

11. The Usual
Lady behind me at Subway just ordered “The Usual” and the guy told her he had no idea what that was.

12. Lettuce. Just lettuce
Just witnessed someone order a subway with lettuce only.
Nothing else.
Just bread and lettuce.
Why even bother.

13. A cup o’ tuna
The woman behind me at subway just ordered tuna in a cup and I’m concerned

Lol some little dude at Subway just ordered a sub with every kind of cheese on it, nothing else

15. The $92 special
One time, at the subway here on base, some kid ordered a sub with so much extras that it ended up weighing like 6 pounds. It was $92

16. 3 inches of veggies
Guy in front of me at subway just ordered a 3 inch veggie sandwich. Hey man, if you’re not hungry you don’t have to do this.

17. Tuna with EVERYTHING
Some women in subway ordered a tuna sub with every single salad choice and every single sauce, how would that even taste nice

18. Two (2) cucumbers
some lady just walked into subway, ordered a FOOT LONG, and asked for 2 slices of cucumber on it. that’s it..no sauce….2 cucumber slices.

19. Honeyballs
The gentleman ahead of me at this Subway just ordered a meatball sub with honey mustard and every veggie available and the employee making this monstrosity is visibly shook

20. Tuna, olives, corn, and ketchup AKA a TOCK
The guy in front of me at subway just ordered a steak and cheese with tuna, then put black olives sweet corn and KETCHUP on it… the fear

21. Meatball and ‘cumbers
A woman at Subway just ordered cucumber on her meatball sub.

22. Wheat. WHEAT
Guy at subway just ordered a wheat bread — not toasted, with no meats, veggies, sauces, anything. And is sitting here eating it. Baffled.

23. And, finally, literally everything
Someone ordered a sandwich with every meat, sauce, and vegetable on it. done w subway


Via BuzzFeed