#1 Nailed it.

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#2 Rocked it.


#3 These kids are going to places.

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#4 A true romantic…


#5 “Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese.”

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#6 Thanks for clarifying.

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#7 These guys were fighting, so they were forced to hold hands for an hour as a punishment.

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#8 Which one would you choose?

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#9 This is how a teacher made sure he gets the pencils students borrow from him back.

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#10 When you have real stuff to do in class:

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#11 “A good friend will help you study. A great friend will help you cheat right in front of the teacher.”

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#12 This teacher’s response to his April Fool’s joke

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#13 Our professor wears this hat and cape every time he conducts an experiment.

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#14 The illustrations of a teacher’s despair:

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#15 “This is what my teacher puts on the back of our worksheet reviews.”

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#16 “My microbiology professor did the entire lecture like this.”

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#17 “He asked the teacher for a pen.”

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#18 How to Lady Gaga the periodic table:

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#19 “For Halloween our principal shaved his head and dressed as Gru. All the teachers dressed as minions.”

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#20 The infinite power of a red pen

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#21 Things we would never expect to happen

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#22 Even physics can be fun if you have the right teacher.


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