#1 Shiba Inus are, frankly, magical weirdos.

VencaCz01 / Via reddit.com

#2 They have their own strange Shiba logic.

#3 But they also have this almost unbearable cuteness.

*deploys ears* from r/aww

#4 And an undying loyalty.

aap71 / Via imgur.com

#5 You almost crumble just looking at ‘em.

drumz626 / Via reddit.com

#6 They can be so goddamn sweet.

BigOunce42069 / Via reddit.com

#7 When they’re not being sweet, they’re being random as heck.

OneAngryPanda / Via imgur.com

#8 They find themselves in the stickiest of situations.

yamamochi223 / Via twitter.com

#9 You never really know what they’re gonna do next.

thatkoreanguy / Via imgur.com

#10 Shibas are, of course, very regal and poised when they want to be.

Shiba Inu provides an excellent babysitting service from r/aww

#11 They’re curious and kinda sneaky.

JorianRS / Via reddit.com

#12 Very in control of their own destiny.

pixalives / Via reddit.com

#13 “How? And why?” — you, a Shiba owner.

onodesu0223 / Via twitter.com

#14 Very, well, in charge.


#15 They do what they damn well please, and they do it with stoic grace.

mkcronin / Via reddit.com

#16 SWEET…

I_Hate_Reddit / Via reddit.com

#17 SHIBAS!!

DaWeyHowBoutDah / Via reddit.com

#18 In conclusion: WEIRD…

jamkam18 / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: jamkam18 / reddit.com