I stole the “C” off the Wendy’s sign that said “Now hiring Closers” It stayed missing for almost 2 weeks…. I worked there at the time. Felt….conflicted….

I broke into a women’s prison. Got a flat on the freeway, and what I thought was a motel on the other side of a chain link fence was actually a minimum security correctional facility.

Silliest thing I’ve heard from a friend: He and his two mates wanted to have a drink, but at 2 a.m. everything was closed, including the bars. The went to this bar on the beach, because they knew it had poor security. They got into the bar without really breaking a thing, took a few sixpacks of beer and left a note, along with money, on the bar to pay for the beers.

Accidentally Go into the bank with my brothers debit card and sign his initials (we have the same initials), withdrew money and left. I gave the money back to my brother but high key committed bank fraud

Reminds me of a church in Minneapolis. Love power. They have a brick building right outside of downtown with a mural of Jesus with outstreched arms that covers an entire side of the building that faces the freeway. Above Jesus is their church’s name. Someone perfected matched the font and made it say “I Love Power” took awhile for anyone to notice and paint over it.

When I was a freshman, my buddies and I entered a fishing contest over the weekend. I lived in Hawaii at the time, and shorecasting fishing tournaments are quite common. The prizes are usually expensive fishing rods and reels so we were pretty determined to win. The fishing was to begin on Friday and weigh in was at 3pm Sunday afternoon. After camping out in a local fishing spot from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon, we realized out catch would not be close to first prize. So we decided to take drastic measures…and we snuck on to the military base and decided to fish in the harbor where we knew entrance was restricted (hence abundance of fish).

So Saturday night,we pack up our gear and hop the fence in a residential area near by and trek about an hour to get in to the middle of Pearl Harbor. Things were going amazing, we caught three fish that we were confident would be at least in the top 5 for weight. As we were packing up, the coast guard boat passes by and shines their light and the reflective tape on our poles shines back at them. Out of nowhere, their speakers tell us we are trespassing on military property and its a federal offense. To make things worse, I was a son of an immigrant. I wasn’t illegal, but I definitely am not an American citizen. While the rest of my high school friends were, they had decided to face their fate, but I sprinted out of there faster than Bolt. I have never run that fast in my life to get the fuck out of there.

After meeting with my friends at their house on Sunday morning, turns out they just got a slap on the wrist, but the very first question they were asked was whether they were American citizen. That was by far the stupidest thing I’d ever done, but boy, I don’t regret sprinting out of there one bit.

Updates: We got win 2nd, 3rd and 5th. I’d say it was stupid, but worth it.

Image Credit: charactercity.hk