1. A roast dinner with not enough gravy

2. Or, even worse, a roast with NO gravy

3. A wet and sloppy Eton Mess

4. A pie with a disappointing amount of filling

5. A pie which only has pastry on the top and therefore IS NOT A PIE

6. Cutting into your “Ripe and Ready” avocado to make delicious avocado on toast, only to discover it’s rotten and everything’s a lie

7. Overcooked scrambled eggs

8. Baked beans that went congealed and got a skin on top

9. Cheese on toast with a measly amount of cheese

10. Undercooked chips

11. Overcooked chips

12. Soggy fish and chips

13. A fallen Rich Tea

14. A badly burnt BBQ sausage

15. A sad fry up in a cafe that clearly doesn’t understand fry ups

16. A bad bacon butty

17. An incredibly weak cup of tea

18. A stale, raisin-less scone

19. Getting your heart set on a cheese and pickle sandwich and realising you’re all out of pickle