#1 Their waiters constantly ask you if everything’s okay.

Friends / Warner Bros. Television, Friends / Warner Bros. Television / Via warnerbros.com

#2 They have a separate room for their closet.

mommaproos / Via instagram.com

#3 They avoid the number 13.

JAYLABS / Via imgur.com

#4 They use too many bags at stores, and sometimes they don’t even have any handles.

The King of Queens / Via sonypicturestelevision.com

#5 They use the MM/DD/YYYY date format.

thefirstgradecafe / Via instagram.com

#6 Salads are really all about salad — don’t you expect to have anything else in a noticeable amount in there too?

Just a classic
foodieworld6 / Via instagram.com

#7 They only have a few holidays during the year.

christmassgram / Via instagram.com, bruce mars / Via pexels.com

#8 They have too many choices for everything — you hit your daily choice limit just by ordering a sandwich.

subwayarabia / Via instagram.com, subway / Via instagram.com

#9 This huge gap in all the public bathrooms

PizzaLinter / Via reddit.com, Dmitry G / Via commons.wikimedia.org

#10 Most don’t travel abroad.

life.is.the.adventure / Via instagram.com

#11 The way they greet you with the, “How are you?” question, which is actually not a question, but just a way to say “Hi”

Wonderlane / Via flickr.com, Wonderlane / Via flickr.com

#12 They hang the US flag everywhere.

mooreofmeghan / Via instagram.com

#13 The prices on the price tags don’t include the taxes.

Oleg Magni / Via pexels.com, Fancycrave.com / Via pexels.com

#14 They have a thing for hiking.

candace.46 / Via instagram.com

#15 They put ice in all their drinks.

mrsiraphol / Via ru.depositphotos.com

#16 As for pickles — they put them on everything and even fry them.

anniemaldonado14 / Via instagram.com

#17 They name their kids literally anything.

Christening cake
nerie_82 / Via instagram.com

#18 They almost never use their credit card PIN and don’t even sign the back of their card.

rawpixel.com / Via pexels.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: mooreofmeghan / instagram.com