I don’t always pick out the wrong item when my wife sends me to the store but when I do I buy it in the mega-pack.
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My wife:
Me: (stands up)
Wife: While you’re up….
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“I don’t want popcorn”
- My wife, who’s about to eat half my popcorn during this movie
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Marriage teaches you when your wife asks you which shoes look better, simply picking one won’t do, you must present at least two concise, legitimate reasons.
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Guys, if you’re ever feeling like your wife couldn’t possibly live without you, remember that Target sells body pillows, coffee, batteries and in some states, wine.
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Before I got married I didn’t even know there was a wrong way to put the milk back in the fridge
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Mornings when my wife can sleep in:
Me: [tiptoeing around, whispering to kids, wearing only socks until I leave the house]
Mornings when I can sleep in:
Wife: DOES ANYONE ELSE WANT A SMOOTHIE [sound of blender]
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Marriage is mostly about knowing which hand towels you can use and which ones are for the better people who visit your wife’s home.
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I’ve agreed so much with my wife that my head just starts nodding at the sound of her voice.
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Just regaled my wife with a story about a grocery coupon that should have worked but didn’t but then the guy got it to work after all.
Don’t tell me the spark is gone.
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Wife: *gets back from the butcher shop* They said this is the hottest sausage I’ll ever have.
Me: Actually-
Wife: NO.
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When my wife pi*ses me off, I get on her Pinterest and pin lots of mediocre sh*t, like cupcakes that just look like cupcakes.
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Not praising your mom-in-law’s cooking means u don’t care for wife’s relatives
Praising it means you don’t like wife’s cooking
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wife: I want you-
me: [takes off clothes]
wife: -to do the laundry
me: [puts them in washer]
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Marriage is just texting each other “Do we need anything from the grocery store?” a bunch of times until one of you dies.
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Before I got married I never understood why dad would go work on his car when it was 12 degrees outside
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It’s my wife’s birthday so she gets to pick the restaurant, unlike all those other times when… wait for it… she gets to pick the restaurant.
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Just listed my wife as my emergency contact and added the note “please text, she doesn’t answer calls.”
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Being married grants you one superpower and that’s the ability to tell what couples just had a fight in the car right before a party
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My wife’s binge watching Snapped, so I cancelled my life insurance and haven’t slept or eaten in days.
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My wife probably tells me that I never listen to her.
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Marriage is being privy to someone else’s bowel movements forever. Love is genuinely hoping they go smoothly.
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