#1 “I like it, human.”


#2 “Forgot to put my butter away.”

Staufert / Via reddit.com

#3 Believe it or not, this is a dog.

Snell / Via pikabu.ru

#4 You will forgive anything if you see this look.

ghazan / Via pikabu.ru

#5 “I couldn’t breathe when I slept, so I installed a camera.”

stluis_htx / Via twitter.com

#6 “Meet Goten. The reason we have to hide our toilet paper in a cabinet.”

RowSquadK / Via reddit.com

#7 “I looked away for like one second.”

Not_a_robot_101 / Via reddit.com

#8 “Took some clothes out of storage. Left the room for 15 seconds, came back to see this.”

Internetmomo / Via reddit.com

#9 The cat must have come of age.

Hanah_Christine / Via reddit.com

#10 “My husky enjoying the view from my car”

LemonTheTurtle / Via reddit.com

#11 “He likes to dig a hole and then sit in it and watch things go on all day.”

dartmaster666 / Via reddit.com

#12 “What I woke up to this morning. Just awesome…”

azphotogal / Via reddit.com

#13 “She looked guilty for a split second, then continued on her rampage.”

WITCHFlNDER-GENERAL / Via reddit.com

#14 “We gave him some meds because he’s scared of thunderstorms and this was how he sat.”

BumblerNamedOy / Via reddit.com

#15 After her very first walk

scobacko / Via pikabu.ru

#16 “Seems like a good spot to take a drink.”

MyNameGifOreilly / Via reddit.com

#17 She is just sleeping.

Aggredior / Via reddit.com

#18 “I came back home and found my dog stuck in my sweater.”

Makstum / Via pikabu.ru

#19 “My dog is always on the pot.”

hyperRed13 / Via reddit.com

#20 “Human, do you remember the documents you were so worried about? We got rid of them!”

missenell / Via instagram.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: reddit.com