#1 The Mad Minute that every math teacher just LOOOOOVED to torment you with

My first taste of anxiety as a child. don’t time a kid trying to learn math!
buckyhelnats / Via reddit.com

#2 Having to try and ration your cheesy provisions

The anxiety of trying to strategically dip these sticks so that you didn’t run out of cheese by the time you got to your last one
justbyhappenstance / Via reddit.com

#3 This panic attack advertised as a “fun game”

The most stressful, anxiety inducing game all time
pandashpace / Via reddit.com

#4 Not getting picked during a heart-pounding round of Seven Up

faodaildesigns / Via instagram.com


Joannaskye23 / Via twitter.com

#6 Not making it into your friend’s Top 8 and taking it extremely personally


#7 Checking Formspring in general


#8 The original Jump Scare™

Coming soon to own on dvd & video, *a loud mans voice that shakes the walls*
Tarhabibi / Via reddit.com

#9 And lest we forget, THIS Jump Scare™


#10 Frantically trying to exit out of the internet on your flip phone


#11 Internet Explorer doing this RIGHT before your web search loaded

SparklingDina / Via twitter.com

#12 Worrying that your Tamagotchi would starve and die if you didn’t feed it before your class ended

Bandai / Via buzzfeed.com

#13 And lastly, forgetting your password to this bad boy and having to pry it open with a fork

Who remembers Password Journal from the early 2000s? I always forgot my password and had to pry it open with a fork multiple times.
KatsudonWarrior / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: pandashpace / reddit.com, faodaildesigns / instagram.com