#1 This sign that didn’t even try.

#2 What’s a Tolido???

marisa_areli / Via instagram.com

#3 Never shopped a store with an “ellos” dept.

gussied81 / Via instagram.com

#4 Cause the instructions are in English.

My tent takes longer to set up if you speak Spanish. from r/mildlyinteresting

#5 This sign that proves adding an “o” to a word doesn’t make it Spanish

#6 This gas station that proved the vital importance of the tilde.

#7 This game that might not just be about a war.

#8 This restaurant that hit and miss.

#9 This clothing tag that’s trying to hit on you.

#10 Yeah I guess our paper towels double as pads

#11 Spell check your items before putting them on sale.

_happygaby_ / Via instagram.com

#12 This airport that just gave up at the end.

#13 This translation that’s just a bunch of words put together.

#14 This clothing item that’s apparently made from a Thanksgiving turkey.

#15 This simple mistake that proves you shouldn’t always rely on Google Translate.

mplanguagesolutions / Via instagram.com

#16 This person who was just plain offensive.

bigjhuanosto / Via instagram.com

#17 It didn’t have to be setup this way.

This is a Spanish birthday card I got. I miss read the rest holy please from r/funny

Preview photo credit: gussied81 / instagram.com