someone: but if you sleep so much why are you still tired
me: i am depressed and i have depression guiltygirl

me: hey i feel pretty good what could go wrong brain: pettyqueer

3. Am I lazy or is this another Depression Session™ shamitomita

you don’t look depressed though
oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today dosopod

When ppl kno about ur depression and they randomly ask “are you okay? How are you doing?” In that special voice babyegg
Whats up u depressed bastard croptopandapistol
this is preferable honestly dogbun

Me: :)
Depression: why you smilin
Me: tru smatter

7. memegod

8. I hate when you’re like “wow nothing is exciting anymore” and someone pipes up like “it’s called growing up” actually deborah, it’s called major depressive disorder but thanks for your input peri-dont

9. jennyhoelzer

10. “struggle with depression” would almost seem to imply that i am bad at depression when i am, in fact, very proficient at being depressed memeufacturing

11. when ur mental illness starts acting up breastforce

12. “Depressed? Do something that makes you happy!” edrecoveryprobs

13. depression after years of having it isn’t even sadness it’s just being exhausted and being allowed one (1) emotion a week and sometimes your brain is like “die” and you’re like “shut up brad” darthvcder

14. tired of your boring old regular depression? try DOUBLE DEPRESSION auntytimblr

me: *just chilin*
brain: hey guess what
me: what
brain: sudden overwhelming sadness, that’s what
me, softly: come on, man leftboob-enthusiast

16. y’all make it sound like drinkin water will make me mentally stable like sip sip I’m still depressed motherfuckers 7-weeks

friends: what do you want to do?
my brain: die
me @ my brain: we can’t say that. these people don’t understand casual existential despair avatarstateyipyip

18. Sorry That I Haven’t Seen You In Six Months Because I’m Depressed and My House Is a Mess Because I’m Depressed and I Can’t Talk about What I’ve Been Doing Lately Because I Haven’t Been Doing Anything Lately Because I’m Depressed: the Trilogy stimmyabby

19. yes,,,, I do bdsm … being depressed so much brownbinch

20. “i don’t really have depression, i’m actually just a lazy piece of shit” : a conclusion you come to pretty much weekly when you have depression roachpatrol

beat your depression
beat it with a fucking broom beat it into the fucking ground die die die firebends

22. me at the beginning of the school year: i swear this year is going to be better, i’m going to do all my reading, study every night and stay on top of my work
the Depression: dvashim

23. if i didnt have depression no one could fucking stop me. i only have depression because otherwise im too powerful shoutloaf

“you look depressed”
thanks it’s the depression raichuu

me: why do i mysteriously feel like crap and keep wasting time doing nothing?
brain: you have depression
me: no that cant be it, it has to be something i did aturinfortheworse