1. First of all, can we talk about how fast the cashiers scan groceries?
How quickly the Aldi staff scan your shopping gives me chronic anxiety. I have to do a pre-Aldi warmup before going to the till.

2. H o n e s t l y.
There’s just NO need for how fast they scan your shit at aldi. Stop firing cocktail sausages at me Janice and calm the fuck down

3. Don’t bother trying to bag at the register.
Is there any type of person worse than those people who pack their bags at the till in Aldi rather than the designated bag packing area?!

4. Unless you’re *that* good.
I beat the Aldi cashier at bagging my goods by time she finished!

5. Sometimes Aldi’s selection is limited.
the “vegetarian” section at my local aldi is literally just garlic bread and as a vegetarian i’m very happy and here for it


6. And sometimes it’s not limited enough.
the middle isle of Aldi is so overwhelming like do I need curtains?? Do I need a garden hose?? Probably not but it’s so cheap

7. The quarter for a cart system was a little intimidating at first.
Figuring out the quarter for a cart thing at Aldi was harder than getting into law school.

8. Me:
When you go the ALDI and end up in that aisle that sells all mad shit


9. The pros have a designated Aldi quarter.
Adulting is always keeping a quarter in your car in case you’ll need to make a stop at Aldi

10. Because god forbid you forget one.
drove to aldi’s and i realized that i don’t have a quarter to use a shopping cart


11. Thankfully, there are some generous people out there.
I’m no hero or anything, but I sometimes give people my shopping cart in the Aldi parking lot without making them give me a quarter

12. Billionaire playboys to be exact.
I just left my cart in the Aldi parking lot without getting my quarter back like some kind of billionaire playboy.

13. Forgetting bags is arguably worse.
It’s all fun and games until you forget to bring your bags to Aldi

14. Yup. Who hasn’t been there?
When you forget your bags for Aldi


15. But when you’re armed with a quarter AND bags, you know it’s gonna be a good day.
I remembered reusable bags AND a quarter before going to Aldi, which is great, but it kind of sucks that there’s nowhere to go but down now.

16. Because fact: Aldi has great deals.
just dropped $20 at aldi so i should be good on food through the winter

17. Especially on booze.
Gas prices may be on the rise, but you can still buy a bottle of wine at Aldi for $2.89

18. It might not be the name brands you’re used to.
I’m an Aldi b*tch now. Name brand? Never heard of her

19. But like, who even cares?
Idc if I’m getting the off brand kind from aldi!
I’m getting it for 99 cents bitch!!