Living on an international floor is all fun and games until u find urself sharing a bathroom with 20 kids trying to adjust to American food
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American food be like “Hey I warmed up this piece of an animal and put it on bread.”
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American food is literally banned in hella countries. We’re all def psychos.
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Somehow “chicken apple sausage” has become a default american food over the past 10 years. why did that happen. does anyone like this
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The funniest thing abt American food is how proud they are of it.
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“New American” food is when a salad costs 30 bucks but there’s a strawberry in it
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American food be like: hot dog pizza fries hamburgers pasta fries mashed potatoes cheeseburgers fries Mac and cheese sausage fries
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Y’all be saying “yeah i love Italian food” then be going out and ordering fettuccine alfredo as if that’s not an exclusively American food
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American food: “Half the price, twice the calories!”
Also American food: “Half the calories, twice the price!”
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I have listened to a lot of American food podcasts and I have accepted the existence of many foodstuffs that sound improbable, but I am drawing the line at ‘peppermint bark’
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Last night I realized how gross American food is when I attempted to explain easy mac to an Italian
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Im watching an Australian couple try American food and they almost put cheez-its in a bowl with milk bc they thought it was cereal …..
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American food is killing me.
My blood is sugar now.
Please send pictures of salad.
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