1. Things were going well with my date, until she noticed my Roomba was a Frisbee glued to a bunch of rats @shutupmikeginn

2. a girl took a grilled cheese out of her purse and threw it across the street like a frisbee to me i never thought i’d be able to love again @OBiiieeee

3. ‘ULTIMATE frisbee’ is a deceptivley badass name for somthing that can be described as “its like frisbee, but with rules” @jonnysun

4. If I can figure out how to keep the food on the frisbee, I’ve got a pretty fucking awesome idea for a restaurant. @weinerdog4life

5. If you love a boomerang let it go. If it doesn’t come back it was a frisbee. @senderblock23

6. the creators of ultimate Frisbee were way too confident in naming it imo @ruinedpicnic

7. I’ve seen a person throw a frisbee right maybe three times in 40 years. @juliussharpe

8. UFO actually stands for Ultimate Frisbee Orb, a common plaything of the gods. @iamspacegirl

9. “My dream is to create something that both dogs and fraternity brothers will enjoy chasing with equal vigor.” — inventor of the frisbee @longwall26

10. Today the International Olympic Committee recognized Frisbee as a sport, so now you can hate the player AND the game. @CulturedRuffian

11. Pancakes are really just delicious frisbees. @TheMichaelRock

12. College guys, catching a Frisbee on the quad won’t get you laid. Woman aren’t impressed that you have the same skills as a golden retriever. @XplodingUnicorn

13. do you think my parents divorced because I play on an ultimate frisbee team @Karate_Horse

14. [commercial for frisbees]
“oh my gosh are they throwing a plate?”
NARRATOR: haha no stupid @CornOnTheGoblin

15. ME: i’d like to return this roomba. all it does is attract dudes named Conrad to my house
CASHIER: sir that is a frisbee @bobvulfov

16. The most challenging aspect of Ultimate Frisbee is asking your dad for rent every month. @senderblock23

17. Once while arguing with a stranger I yelled YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT FRISBEE only to find out later he was Kevin Frisbee III. @ceejoyner

18. *nails a hole-in-one in frisbee golf* Yeah, I smoked a lot of pot in college @briangaar

19. Nothing waters down the word “ultimate” like ultimate frisbee. @primawesome

20. I’m pretty sure white people invented Ultimate Frisbee to cement their status as white people. @RexHuppke