1. When he lamented about going to Glastonbury one day.

2. When he had a good point about the Ed Sheeran lyric “I will be loving you till we’re 70″

3. When he tweeted about soup and it was really wholesome

4. Actually, he had a lot of Ed Sheeran related questions.

5. When he accidentally started a new career path

6. When he made this joke

7. When he didn’t know if conkers were cool or not

8. When he took the piss out of himself

9. When he had to explain this odd tweet


10. When he had this strong tweet to promote his documentary

11. When he really enjoyed the word “docos”


12. When he had this response


13. When he was thrilled to meet another excellent documentary maker

14. When he summed this picture up pretty well


15. When he was super supportive of Stormzy

16. When he enjoyed a great meme, as we all do
Is this very funny or am I just tired?

Image Credit: @memeprovider / @louistheroux

17. When he was really humble


Louis Sebastian Theroux is an English documentary filmmaker and broadcaster who holds dual British and American citizenship.