1. Americans: Can we get some citizenships Canadians: “we nuh ave dat” @GBxnks

this is the map if only people of color voted.
white folks. sincerely. you have work to do. @wilfredchan

3. People tweeting “why do you care about US elections” like Bush didn’t take Britain as a plus one when he went to war @ProfessorKumi

“Y’all need to stop worrying. Even if Trump wins, God will take care of us.”
God: @Anthonytothe

5. This isn’t an episode. This isn’t marketing. This is reality. @blackmirror

6. BREAKING NEWS: new third party candidate Oarack Bobama enters the race for the presidency @bp100297

7. Me making eye contact with any other minority today! @ShilohHeritage

8. “RT this and I’ll run for a third te-” @HistoricalPics

9. when trump will send you on the first boat back home but hillary will bomb you when you get there. @RuffneckRefugee

10. me @ America @NathanZed

11. all minorities rn @emopups

12. me trying to learn the Canadian National Anthem… @__jayykayy

13. My president is black…..my lam….my lam…..my lambo’s blue….. @hanginwitcoop

14. ‘Me yesterday before US elections Vs me today’ @Its_Jugbo

15. When you dab, juju on the beat, Crank that Soulja Boy and do the mannequin challenging for nothing. @MoeAlayan

16. “Dear Canada I come to u human to human…” @cybersauce_

17. Instead of doing the dab, I bet Hilary is now wishing that she done the hokey-cokey @Swagadore

18. Plot twist: we all died in 2012 and this is, in fact, hell. @goddessyonce