I used the copier so much that the guy I worked with started calling me Scanning Tatum.

A woman yelled at me for watching her swim. I was a lifeguard.

When I worked at my grandmas house she always called me Don which was the name of her first husband

a customer complained that their fries tasted too much like potatoes

$1 store. People always asked how much does this cost? I’d say everythings a dollar. Then they’d say but what about this?

When I was a tour guide at Niagara Falls, the most common question was “What time do they turn the water off?”

I had a job at Carls Junior and they fired me because I would only call it Carl Junior’s.

I worked at Subway for about a month until my boss went to jail and they just stopped scheduling me.

waited tables at a high end seniors retirement community. Fixed choice menu. They all ordered whatever was NOT on the menu

I was designated lotion guy for my grandma during wheel of fortune.

one summer I was a hostess at a restaurant on the beach where we had to answer the phone with “Crabs, we got ‘em!”

As a kid I would help this lady with her house. Before vacuuming i would have to brush all the carpets with a hairbrush.

I was a hotel maid and was told not to change the sheets, but to just smooth them out between guests

My coworker and I had the exact same name. My boss told me I was getting a raise, until he realized I was the other Justin

I worked at a Dairy Queen that lost it’s franchise so it was called Dairy Cream. We had Silly bars instead of Dilly bars.

One summer I built an entire porch for my aunt all summer and in the very in got paid in chocolate coins

I delivered flowers and almost every day had a woman scream at me about her cheating husband and his “bouquet of lies”.

I was fired from my summer job moving furniture for having a “subpar attitude towards moving furniture” No argument there

I worked for a chiropractor, and my boss said that one of my job duties was to braid his hair & cut his food, I quit.