my answer to everything is “I’ll start a google doc.” Have an idea for a new project? Start a google doc. Need to do laundry? Open a new doc. Body is begging me to eat a vegetable and leave my bed for the first time all dsy? Gooooooooogle doc
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When girls say they are “running errands” they’re actually at TJ Maxx sniffing candles for 45 minutes
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computer: “save this image as 6606499f1e5c84d7c30.png?”
me: “yea”
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recipe writers: tsp is teaspoon, tbsp is tablespoon
me, an intellectual: tusp
recipe writer: no
me: tubusp
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me: if you drink this coffee you’re gonna get jittery and anxious and you’re gonna feel sick later.
my brain: good bean juice taste like chocolate make me go fast
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me: *zones out for 60 min of important work meeting*
me: eh
me: *zones out for 6 seconds of a TV show*
me: reTHEFU*Kwind
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me: I really shouldn’t eat out today; I have to save money
me: if you buy food with cash, it’ll be like you’re not spending money bc the number in your bank account will be the same
me: sh*t can’t argue with that logic let’s eat
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90% of my web searches are me googling words to make sure they actually mean what i think they mean before i post them online
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Hello world!
I am going to tell you about this awful problem I have! Every time I type out a professional email I cannot help but write like this! I cannot stop this habit for I am afraid people will think I am uninterested and rude! Please send help!
Thank you for your time!
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Sorry i’m late I sat on my bed in a towel for an hour staring at the wall
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