1. Whip out some colored pencils and a coloring book
Color! Nothing works better than some good old art therapy! Splurge on some awesome pencils and a few fun coloring books (so many options on amazon) and color/shade/blend your day away!

2. Draw a hot, healing bath
Before anything, I take an Epsom salt bath that’s as hot as I can get it and lay in it until the water’s basically cold.

3. Get into meditation
I meditate. It gives me the chance to get home and just stop, breathe, let the day go, and transition into an atmosphere of rest for the evening.

4. Find a favorite face mask, while watching Netflix

5. Have a solo dance party
I walk in the door, plug in my headphones, and if nobody’s home, I just dance all over the house for a while.

6. Kick back with some wine and a crossword puzzle

7. Drink tea and watch some YouTube videos

8. Get out some of the stress of the day by doing some cleaning and organizing
When I get home from work, I like to clean/organize things. Its usually around 11-12 at night when I get home, so it helps me relax and feel more prepared for tomorrow.

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9. Take up knitting or crocheting
I love to knit or crochet after a long day, it helps me to unwind and I can still be productive.

10. Discover the soothing power of doing watercolors
I get out my watercolors and put on some smooth jazz. It makes me sound like an old lady, but it’s fun!

11. Lay in a hammock for a while until you’re totally relaxed

12. Take your pet on a nice, meandering walk or hike
After work, I love going hiking with my dog up in the mountains! Great way to decompress after being in an office all day. Also, NATURE!

13. Snuggle with your baby

14. Take off your bra

15. Sit in your favorite chill-out spot and do some real chill-out activities, if you know what I mean
Sit in my ‘thinking chair,’ turn on Netflix or Youtube, and smoke a bowl!

16. Put some essential oils into a foot bath, and let yourself space out
When I was working retail, I bought one of those cheap, heated, vibrating foot bath things and some peppermint oil. I would come home, turn it on, and sit somewhere quiet with a book for about an hour. No screens, no noise, no people. I don’t know that I ever actually absorbed what I was reading, but it was the perfect combo to kind of let my brain wind down and unravel on its own and return to normal after a day of dealing with people.
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Article have been lightly edited for length/clarity.

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