#1 Walking on the sky

shirin.abedinirad / Via instagram.com

#2 An urban garden inside the city.

eikebecker_architekten / Via instagram.com

#3 Feel free to charge your phone.

landscapeforms / Via instagram.com

#4 This table with an integrated light will come in handy at night.

landscapeforms / Via instagram.com

#5 Hammock plus seat equals a swing seat.

360val / Via instagram.com

#6 Traffic light at your feet.

aira.ru / Via instagram.com

#7 The best way to create shade.

casapintodiseno / Via instagram.com

#8 Free urban book exchange

unruh.olga / Via instagram.com

#9 It’s always summer at this bus stop.

francju / Via instagram.com

#10 Sliding into the weekend

good_on_paper / Via instagram.com

#11 A wonderful knitted playground

good_win_louise / Via instagram.com

#12 It’s the perfect place to hide from the sun while on a picnic.

its_gelica / Via instagram.com

#13 Let the plants grow everywhere.

edible_bus_stop / Via instagram.com

#14 Swings are good. Glowing swings are even better.

ParkBoard / Via twitter.com

#15 Anyone who’s tired can have a seat.

nicolaprobst / Via instagram.com

#16 Waiting for the green “walk” light, at a traffic light, is a good opportunity to play ping pong.

StreetPong / Via facebook.com

#17 A pavilion full of cushions.

laurent_wery / Via instagram.com

#18 What could be better than a hammock near the sea?

youandmeandrainbows / Via imgur.com

#19 Canadians have the best bus stops.

jeromecarlos / Via imgur.com

Via BrightSide, Preview photo credit: 360val / instagram.com, good_on_paper / instagram.com