Stephanie Vardavas

I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but I have made a deal with God that if I always put down my magazine or Kindle and pay rigorous attention to the flight attendants’ safety demonstration, nothing bad will happen to the plane.

So far so good.

Dushka Zapata

When I’m about to cross the street and there is a “Don’t Walk” sign, I wave my hand at it like a nonchalant, powerful sorceress to turn it to green.

Once I was standing next to a woman and her kid. He was around six. My wave of the hand was perfectly timed and the light turned green right when it needed to. The kid’s jaw dropped to the floor.

I winked at him, blew on my fingers and crossed the street, coat flapping in the wind.

I secretly believe it was less a matter of timing and more a matter of magic.

Adrian Andrei

I am Magneto.

Everytime I have to pass through an automatic door, I raise my right hand with my palm open and flex my arm just about when I believe the door is going to open.

I love it and cannot have enough of it.

I always loved Magneto and his ability to control metals and pretending to open an automatic door is the closest I’ve got to be like him. Of course, no one is ever impressed by my special power, but it brings me joy everytime I do it and that’s all that matters.

Anshu Singh

This is something my grandmother used to believe.

If you eat twin bananas (or any twin fruit), and if you are a girl, you will get twins as kids.

So whenever my father used to bring some fruits, and by chance, any twin fruits were there, my father had to eat it, even if he didn’t like bananas.

image courtesy: Google (obviously)

Dakota Lim

My girl friend Mai always says, “I love you” when saying goodbye and parting from people even if it is just for a few hours because “One never knows if that will be the last time you see them alive.”

“That is so true!” I agreed. I borrowed her habit.

While leaving my doctor’s office a few weeks ago I said, “Goodbye, I love you.”

The doctor replied, “errr…aaahhh..” I was out the door so I don’t know what else she said.

“Thank you,” I said to the beauty advisor of a skin care shop who tucked extra samples of night cream into a pink tote bag for me. Waving as I walked out the door I called out, “Goodbye, I love you.”

She said, “Huh? I love you, too.” Her head was tilted to one side the way Mai’s puppy tilts his head sometimes when he is confused.

Yesterday, after signing for a package I said to the FedEx delivery man, “Thank you, drive safely, goodbye, I love you.”

He said, “Do you want me to come in? I have extra time.”

I said, “HUH?? Oh! No! No!”

He said, “You sure?”

I said, “I’m sure, goodbye.” I caught myself just in time before “I love you” could escape from my lips.

Habits born from superstitions are hard to break.

I will have to break this one.

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