#1 New and old basketballs at an arcade

Is_that_a_challenge / Via reddit.com

#2 A normal egg and a “wrinkled” egg that didn’t calcify enough

HenroKappa / Via reddit.com

#3 Jeans of a girl who gradually lost 65 lb

matryoshka14 / Via pikabu.ru

#4 These knives at my work have been used so much they’re almost gone.

wadeboggs127 / Via reddit.com

#5 A tale of 2 teddies- my sister and I both got them at the same time, 18 years ago.

princeapalia / Via reddit.com

#6 A road separating a lake in South Australia

mitch.toft / Via instagram.com

#7 My Nan’s spoon after 50+ years of cooking (right) compared to mine and my mom’s

AOD_Matchstick / Via reddit.com

#8 Before watering and about an hour after watering.

namedafternoone / Via reddit.com

#9 The day we brought pup home —> exactly one year from then

lukeb285 / Via reddit.com

#10 Used Carhartt pants after 6 months of outdoor electrical work next to brand new pair of same Carhartt.

Graphic-Addiction / Via reddit.com

#11 My mom found a lemon from our tree that’s shaped like a carrot

cl0utchaser / Via reddit.com

#12 A half albino peacock

i124nk8 / Via reddit.com

#13 A tree block from 1927 and 2015. It can be seen by their rings that today’s manufacturers use mostly young trees.

Blindwindowmaker / Via reddit.com

#14 My jeans vs my wife’s jeans. I’m 6’ 3”and she’s 5’ 2”

Funkytown1177 / Via reddit.com

#15 My banister after years of my family and I slingshotting ourselves around the corner

reedle123 / Via reddit.com

#16 A paper closet before and after the arrival of a new teacher

smolgurl93 / Via reddit.com

#17 Old work boots that were being worn by a woodworker for 4 years next to new workboots

Richtig / Via reddit.com

#18 This Building looks like a graphics glitch

jnunomg / Via reddit.com

#19 Zlatni rat beach in Croatia, before and after the latest storm in Dalmatia

__hrga__ / Via reddit.com

#20 Two newborn kids of 8 lb and 23 lb

AbbyNmiguelitoo / Via imgur.com

#21 The actor Hafþór Björnsson (“The Mountain” form of Game of Thrones) and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Kogorashi / Via reddit.com

#22 Comparison of T. rex and emu feet

Smoke_Me_When_i_Die / Via reddit.com

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