Sasha Decosta

Imagine this.

You’re out shopping with your mum.

As you both approach the cashier, you hear your mum say “shit, the apples!!” and without a word.

She sprints.

You turn around and just when you’re about to scream “mum, waitt”, you hear it.

“Next please.”

Your items start getting scanned.

One by one.

You stare in horror.

The end is near.

You feel the sweat and wipe it off while begging for your mum to be back.

Please. Please. Oh my Lord. Where is she lostttt.

Time comes to a standstill. You’re looking out desperately, in hopes to see her.

You look. And you glance.

You look and you glance back at the cashier.

“The total is £3…”

Your heart drops.

I knew it.

You see the line of impatient people. And just wonder as to what you did to deserve this.

You’re about to murmur something out, when you hear.

“WAIT! Here. The apples.”

You see her, emerging from the back, trying to make her way amidst people.

As your mum slams the apples on the counter, she smiles.

While you’re there half dead, mouth wide open, you feel that relief running through your whole body.

You manage to point in your mum’s direction and say:

“It’s her. She’s paying.”

I hate it when my mum abandons me while shopping.

Stop this injustice now.

Sean Kernan

Shopping w/ Mom and Sister

Can you hold this?

Can you hold this?

Can you hold this?

Can you hold this?

Can you hold this?

Can you hold this?

Image Credit: Sean Kernan
I was gritting my teeth to force a smile for this picture.

Felt like a shopping mule that day.

But I still love them.

Kanwal Anuvind

Two weeks ago, I bought myself a pair of sneakers for €50

I was delighted at my sharp sense of shopping.

Yesterday, I found the same sneakers, on sale, being sold for €30

I cursed my gullible sense of shopping.

Matthew Bates

Finding anything I want to buy.

That’s not me humble bragging about being so rich I own everything, or so modest that I have no needs. But I’ve noticed, over the last five years or so, when I go shopping, I rarely see anything that I actually want. Most of it just looks like more crap that will take up space in my house and I won’t have time to use anyway.

I don’t even like buying books anymore. My shelves are full and I don’t read books that often anymore anyway, because I don’t have the time.

I don’t need any new tech. I mostly just surf the net and write answers on Quora now. My five-year-old Macbook Air works just fine for that.

If it weren’t for groceries, I wouldn’t need to go shopping at all most months.

I was at Target just last night. I walked around the whole store, and ended up just buying some groceries. I did see some new Lego sets that would be cool, but my son already has too many Legos. It would just be more crap that would take up space in my house.

I suppose I should be happy. This is a good problem to have, when it comes to shopping.

Sascha Sim

Women’s clothing sections are designed to make women stay longer. You want some pants? Lets go through the entire store 3–4 times cause its never in a section clearly marked as “pants”

You’ve spent 3 hours in one store alone. So, now it is time to pay. And of course, the line will be long. So what do these brand geniuses do? They lay unnecessary crap that you don’t need along the cashiers.

By the time I’ve gotten to the cashier my arms are full with clothes, a torchlight, some socks and a usb cable that I don’t need.

So men, don’t complain that women take forever while shopping, blame the system.

Via Quora