1. When mush is not for you

2. When you can’t make decisions

3. When this is your idea of dirty talk
Me flirting: You wanna watch lord of the rings:*seductive voice*extended edition

4. When you take being competitive to the next level

5. When you know what you want

6. When you give personalised, heartfelt gifts

7. And when share your important discoveries

8. When you need validation
Me on my wedding day: you still like me right

9. When you really like cats

10. And when you ask important questions


11. When you aren’t known for your patience

12. When you provide insight and stimulating conversation
My girlfriend: *studiously doing her accounting homework, listening to instrumental music, very focused*
Me: *upside down in my desk chair* do you think stars have feelings

13. When you want love and affection

14. And when you text at the same time
when u and bae send a message at the same time ♡


15. When you go out of your way to fulfil their requests

16. When you have your priorities straight

17. And when you’re kinda just making it up as you go