1. SO. MUCH. SNOW heartsnmagic

2. Your toes are never warm, no matter how many pairs of fuzzy socks you wear.
why I’m not going to class tomorrow blakesnewyear

3. Puffy jackets consume you.
Every time when I see someone in a puffy jacket… psychoticfoaming

4. When the radio starts playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving and you’re all like freshprincesubs

5. Getting out of bed in the winter is way more difficult than it should be. bernillauro-blog

6. Dry and cracked skin, no matter how much moisturizer you use.

7. Getting lost in the snow because the piles are taller than you are. heartsnmagic

8. …not to mention the disgusting yellow snow that follows.
Windy dog walk on the Mackenzie River with Butterball. Tulit’a, Northwest Territories, Canada. jeanpolfus

9. Cold and flu season, folks!! bomladrao

10. When you have to wait an eternity for your car to defrost. gifs-for-the-masses

11. Getting out of a hot shower in the winter time is its own special hell.
This morning… spongebob

12. Slipping and falling on the ice… IN PUBLIC.
So glad Spring is here curveyhunnie

13. The fact that it’s pitch black by 5 o’clock. lovely-serenade

14. Drinking iced coffee is no longer acceptable. yourcoffeeguru

15. The complete and utter awfulness that is shoveling.
Dog shovels snow topcats78

16. You break into an unmanageable sweat every time you walk inside. justalittletumblweed

17. You start to see the never ending barrage of holiday commercials in your nightmares. allretrogifs

18. You can’t go outside without looking like Rudolph. allretrogifs