Please note that if you were thinking of answering “Do I look fat in this?”, that’s already been done so many times.

Akshat Kharaya

1. Wanna meet hot single women in your area for FREE?
2. Purchase WinRAR license?

Tom Goodwin

Would you like to make Bing your default search engine?

Phil Darnowsky

Can you fix my computer?
Would you design a web page for me?
I can’t pay you but you’d get good exposure.

I have this new business idea I want to discuss with you. Would you sign this NDA?

Linux has saved me from this one, since I can honestly say “Sorry, I don’t know anything about Windows/Macs anymore.” as appropriate.

I have yet to find a grocery store where I can buy food with “exposure.”

If an NDA is the only thing preventing someone else from implementing your Brilliant New Idea better than you can, you’ve already lost.

Shrihari Sankaran

“Would you like to make Internet Explorer your default browser?”

Manas J Saloi

Pretty Sales Representative : I think that pink T Shirt will look good on you. Do you want to buy it?

Internet site pop up : You are the 1000000th visitor to our website. Want to enter the lucky draw?

Mail on Inbox : A millionaire British widow just died leaving you, out of all the 7 billion other people on earth a million British pounds. It is super duper ironical considering that you haven’t even won a single penny your entire life. Please don’t think too much into it. Why don’t you trust this obscure email account and send us your bank account details?

Air Asia : Do you want to select your own seating arrangement and pay us an extra 1000 INR when you can easily do the same after lift off for free?

Friend at a party : It will be a cool idea to mix this remaining beer, vodka and whiskey right?

Ganesh Parameswaran

Can I see your browser’s history?

Josh Bob

“Are you dead?”

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