1. Real “crappy”, the toilet with a window to the world

rhimichele_ / Via reddit.com

2. The toilet with the cutest l’il door

thatoneguy229 / Via reddit.com

3. The most anxiety inducing toilet in the world

Jonwyattearp / Via reddit.com

4. Toilets and mirror ceiling

zorton213 / Via reddit.com

5. Saw this in a Macdonald’s. oh and only one side has toilet paper…..

Awe5am / Via reddit.com

6. These creepy people are trying to grab me in the bathroom

Luna_Lovelace / Via reddit.com

7. The toilet with totally effective shutters

NlisAegg / Via reddit.com

8. My arms are about 7 feet long, so this wasn’t an issue for me

Tekki / Via reddit.com

9. The toilet in-between two floors

TheInBredDragon / Via reddit.com

10. The toilet with a special friend

Profoundsoup / Via reddit.com

11. The toilet with the hidden roll

Billetmaster / Via reddit.com

12. The toilet that’s basically a new Olympic event

BowserBandit / Via reddit.com

13. The most delicious toilet in all the land

worldbeyondyourown / Via reddit.com

14. The toilet with probably the world’s worst toilet paper location

bogus594 / Via reddit.com

15. Possibly the world’s most welcoming toilet

DOOMBOT9000 / Via reddit.com

More info: r/CrappyDesign, H/T BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: rhimichele_ / reddit, TheInBredDragon / reddit