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me at 11: wow ella enchanted was a really fun book to read!
me at 25: wow ella enchanted was a subversive social commentary on the expectation of women’s subservience in which ella breaks her own curse and these power structures through her own autonomy
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Some of y’all didn’t read Sarah Dessen books growing up and it shows
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Her Royal Highness Princess Mia Thermopolis is thrilled about Megan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, and wants Ms. Markle to know that if she has any questions about transitioning to royal life, Mia is available anytime.
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‘are you there god? it’s me margaret’ is such a good book title judy blume rlly snapped with that
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Some of y’all never had a crush on Marcus Flutie and it shows.
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*stares at pile of unread nonfiction books*
I have nothing to read, time to reread Ella Enchanted, a book written for fourth graders, for the seventeenth time
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You ever see people wearing lock/lock&key necklaces and wonder, is it a fashion thing, a kink thing, or are they just big fans of Sarah Dessen books?
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Sometimes I want to back to when things were a lot simpler
Like when my greatest dream was to collect all Mary Kate and Ashley books
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no one:
stacey from the babysitters club: i HAVE DIABETES
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Can’t stop thinking about how the people who broke into my car stole everything but left my sisterhood of the traveling pants book…. like if ur gonna be a theif at least have good taste ??
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I would buy a coffee table book of artist renderings of every single one of Claudia Kishi’s outfit descriptions in the Baby-Sitter’s Club.
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American culture is giving your daughter the American girl doll puberty book instead of talking to her
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Does anyone else remember the “Amber brown is not a crayon” books bc I just got a sudden intense flashback to second grade
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