It gets even more interesting when we meet people who don’t want to obey common rules and instead, invent their own methods to deal with problems.

#1 I’m watching TV in the other room and FaceTiming the water so it doesn’t boil over.

JustinHillister / Via

#2 My neighbor has two of the same car painted exactly opposite of each other.

ThePuffDiddyDropped / Via

#3 This guy wearing both camouflage and high-visibility clothing is visible and invisible at the same time.

mailonsundayx / Via

#4 Where’s your captain?

pling_boy / Via

#5 These guys know what they want.

inteleligent / Via

#6 Someone broke into my car last night. Nothing was stolen, but they chewed all my gum and put it back in the container.

jaredd_yabishop / Via

#7 While we live in 2019, she lives in 3019.

colBAE / Via

#8 My kids wanted to play hide-and-seek. Okay, guys, try me.

rBossfight / Via

#9 Pure boldness

guacboi_ / Via

#10 My dad takes selfies with every dog he meets.

4real / Via

#11 My uncle has framed cereal and that’s it.

SellaTheChair_ / Via

#12 I showed my grandpa some memes and he loved them so much, he printed them out for his friends.

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#13 No one was prepared for this.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. from r/gifs

#14 He has his own laws of physics.

How to get flood water out of the backyard from r/gifs

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