1. My cat upped her selfie game

TorpidCrumpet / Via reddit.com

2. With My Dogs

seengar / Via imgur.com

3. Basking in the sunshine

thegameristadotcom / Via reddit.com

4. Put phone down for 20 minutes. Picked it back up. Found cat selfie.

a_squirrel_friend / Via reddit.com

5. Eyes on me

foster_kitten_babies / Via instagram.com

6. Draw me like one of your cats.

Seerofthingsmissed / Via reddit.com

7. Woooow

AngryabouttheInternet / Via imgur.com

8. Best pals

countincognito / Via imgur.com

9. …

idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghere / Via imgur.com

10. My dad just posted this selfie of himself and his cat, Norah, on facebook.

sarieh / Via imgur.com

11. Shameless cat selfie

Lucky_Punk_Girl / Via reddit.com

12. Catfie

hxnansari / Via imgur.com

13. Who could resist?

idontevenknowwhatiamdoinghereMay / Via imgur.com

14. Little Schrödinger was found under a building all alone and starving. I brought her home in a little box. She is about 5 weeks old in this photo.

misstabo / Via imgur.com

15. The best CAT picture you’ll ever see on the internet.

meowmayhem / Via imgur.com

16. Anyone up?

Shezadadil / Via imgur.com

17. Cute

nakednewscaster / Via reddit.com

18. Snap before nap

Dookz / Via imgur.com

19. Just woke up looking like a boss!

Codyyyg / Via reddit.com

20. Is this my best angle?

MaineC00n / Via imgur.com

21. Homie took a selfie with me

becetbreak / Via instagram.com

22. Cat selfie

SophiaDevetzi / Via reddit.com

23. Double derps!

MusclePussy / Via reddit.com

24. My wife’s uncle photobombed his cat’s selfie

temporaryuser1000 / Via reddit.com

Via Bright Side, Preview photo credit: meowmayhem / imgur, MusclePussy / reddit