1. This ad that makes it look like Santa is being real flirty and showing some leg.

Oh dear Santa…
Maibaum / Via reddit.com

2. Santa’s face on this shower cap that’s partially blocked by the packaging.

J0zif / Via reddit.com

3. This Santa who appears to be exposing himself.

mattreyu / Via reddit.com

4. This book’s title that makes Santa sound super sketchy.

Touchy-feely Santa…
leonhartley96 / Via reddit.com

5. The awkward positioning of Santa and Rudolph on this shower curtain.

The positioning of Santa and Rudolph on our new shower curtain
B_Rose95 / Via reddit.com

6. It looks like Santa is going to eat a turd on this Christmas card.

superstoreman / Via reddit.com

7. This Santa that just honestly has a terrifying face.

Brexit-1 / Via reddit.com

8. This Santa that looks like he’s stashing the souls of children in his creepy beard.

pennsler / Via reddit.com

9. This sign that reads like someone is pleading with Santa to stop.

ChiknNuget / Via reddit.com

10. This ornament that says “Santa’s cam,” although it looks a lot like something else.

sacamano79 / Via reddit.com

11. This Santa napkin holder that just doesn’t look right.

snekradguy / Via reddit.com

12. This Santa hat that looks like it says “Santa sh*t.”

Santa did what?
ehanu_rehu / Via reddit.com

13. This statue of Santa looking like he’s on something.

social_pariah / Via reddit.com

14. This Santa doll that’s just got a lot of poor design going on all around.

OneKidneyStan / Via reddit.com

15. And this Santa pants…

DiscoHeaven / Via reddit.com

Via BuzzFeed, Preview photo credit: B_Rose95 / Reddit, Maibaum / Reddit