Jordan Yates

I had a pet bird— her name was Lucy.

I’ve written this story before, but it’s so appropriate.

Lucy was 23 when we adopted her. She’d spent the past 19 years at a vet’s office after her first owner died.

She was an asshole.

She was brilliant at mimicry— I would often come running into the room to check on my whining puppy or meowing cat just to find Lucy sitting there with her smug little bird face.


“Fuck off, Lucy.”

And so it went.

Like I said, 19 years at a vet’s office meant she was good at animal sounds. She could whistle and purr and growl and bark. Her barking sounded just like a terrier— it was impressive.

She could talk. Not much, but she could.

If you’ve ever seen The Shining, her voice sounded just like the kid’s “redrum” voice— gravelly and weird and unnerving.

Lucy would only talk when no one was in the room.

At night, she would wait until the lights were off, then she’d start, quietly at first but growing louder:

“I’m right here I’m right here I’m right here what do you want.”

In that creepy redrum voice.

The first time it happened, my mom came sprinting into the room and flicking on all the lights.

Just to see that stupid, smug bird face.


“Lucy, I hate you.”


“Good night, Lucy.”

“I’m right—”


And so it went.

It was terrifying the first few times.

After awhile, it was:

“I’m right here.”

“Yep. We see you, Lucy.”

“I’m right here.”

“Gotcha. Lucy— right there. Got it.”

“I’m ri—”


What a bird. We ended up adopting her out to a local animal enthusiast, but our time with her was something else.

Never a dull moment.

Mark Tarablsi

I noticed that one of my friends stopped coming to my house as he used to do. He stopped talking to me gradually and he started treating me in a very different way.

At first, I thought that maybe he had a problem in his family and so I confronted him. He said it is because of what you did the other day. I was shocked! I didn’t do anything!

He said: “I came to your house, knocked the door and you shouted at me: “I’m not here, F*ck off!””.

It appeared that the pet parrot my brother bought few days ago said that. I took my friend to our house and we knocked the door. Thankfully, the parrot said these words again.

I don’t know who taught him these words, but it could’ve costed me my friend.

Marcos Sakaguti

About 20 years ago I had a cat who sometimes used to stare at random points in the air for several minutes. That seems normal as others here reported the same thing and the second cat I’ve had used to do that although more rarely.

But one day he was doing his staring and then he started acting as if someone was petting him. He would bob his head down as if someone was patting him on the head then he would arch his head back as if someone was scratching his chin then he would turn his head one way then the other as if someone was scratching his cheeks.

I don’t believe in the supernatural but that was creepy.

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