When my sister was 5, she had my mom, my friend, and I sit for her tea party. She made us drink. I asked her what she gave us and she said it was water and sparkle perfume.
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For a friend of mine, it was bananas. He used to come to hang out in the morning or stay the night to play games when we were growing up, and he ate breakfast with us a lot. My parents loved having bananas with breakfast on the weekend (and banana pancakes, for that matter), so he’d have them all the time. It was probably about 5 years into our friendship before I found out that he absolutely hates bananas and was only eating them to be polite.
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My sister was trying to be nice after I had taken care of her for 3 years while she dealt with her mental health. She tried to make me a pizza. It came out more like charcoal. Like fully all black. She tried so hard to make me happy for once that I had to at least get some of it down… “It’s not as burnt as it looks! Really yummy.” She was really happy with herself after that.
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My beloved, but very elderly husband, made chocolate chip cookies in which he messed up the sugar and salt and mistook the dried black beans in the cupboard for chocolate chips. Ohhhhh dear.
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Husband’s mom made a lemon pie, but it was a “special recipe” she learned from her friend where there was no sugar and the crust was made of saltine crackers. Don’t even have words for how sour and salty it was. But you best believe I ate it like it was “delicious.”
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A girl I dated was trying to impress me, so she tried to make green curry. She added too much curry paste and we both sat there sweating and crying.
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When I was around 8, I decided that I wanted my mom to relax while I cooked her dinner and did the dishes. I made way overcooked spaghetti with a plain can of diced tomatoes that I added water to because I thought that was how sauce worked. Finished it off with every seasoning herb we owned plus some ketchup because the sauce looked a little too much like water and oh, some mustard, mayo, and any sauce I saw in the fridge because she liked all those things! My mom took her first bite, smiled through it, told me how much she enjoyed not having to cook then ate every bite on her plate. She told me much later on that she ate the dinner I made her because she didn’t want to discourage me from taking initiative and trying new things. She also later told me it was the most awful thing she had ever eaten in her life.
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I was working in China. They had a big celebratory banquet for us. They served a local delicacy — “sea worms.” It was a white tube that when immersed in near-freezing water essentially dissolved into a gelatinous lump. Think fish-flavored Jell-O, with just a hint of residual gristle. Ugh. Had to eat several servings while downing shots of mao-tai.
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My little sister made me puke once because she made me “tea” and, like a good brother, I downed the tiny teacup full in one gulp. It was hand sanitizer mixed with water.
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I was in Bhutan, where the hotel owner’s family invited us for an egg cooked in homemade rice alcohol. It was supposed to add a kick to the alcohol. It was a brackish looking viscous liquid with an eggy smell. I hated it when I looked at it and then again when I sipped it. To make matters worse, my girlfriend decided that she could not have more than a spoonful. So, I had to finish 2 large bowls of the terrible thing all by myself (some chips on the side would have helped) to make sure it didn’t look impolite and rude. Now, I love Emma Datshi and Keva Datshi and other Bhutanese food.
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My husband begged me to try chitlins’. It’s his favorite dish. I tried a small bite. It tasted like straight fermented poop. I told my friend about my experience and she insisted it just wasn’t prepared right and I needed to try hers. I went to her house and saw that she prepares hers with green peppers and onions. I was reluctant but hopeful. I took a bite. It tasted like straight fermented poop with a side of green peppers and onions. I was nice and I took 2 bites but I couldn’t stomach anymore.
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Was visiting Guatemala, and this old lady invited us to dinner. In this country, it’s extremely rude to not eat what was placed before you. Unfortunately, this lady served us a vegetable soup with some meat in it. She didn’t eat with us, because she was being polite or something. She didn’t even talk to us during the dinner. We took a taste and nearly wanted to puke. However, due to the country customs, we decided to eat it. We could barely get through it. We ate about 3/4 of it and then said we were just full. We both never left the toilet that whole night. It was so nasty! Then we ran into the lady later in the week walking down the street, and she apologized to us. Apparently the chicken was rotten and she only took one bite. She then chastised us for not telling her.
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First, my mother likes ham, or at least what was sold in the store as ham. Seriously, if she has people coming over, she’ll even cook the ham (yes, those pre-cooked ones), in the oven for 3 hours, the night before. On the morning of the day of the planned meal, she’ll heat it in the oven for a couple of more hours. Then 2 hours before the meal, she’ll start heating it again, putting it on a plate. Then when it’s time to serve dinner, the plate of ham is heated in the microwave for 20 minutes — it is the driest, most tasteless, waste of ham you could ever imagine. The best evidence I can give though is that my younger brother and I went away to college, so we ate in a college cafeteria. My brother and I were shocked at all the complaints about the food, we thought it was the best food ever.
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My sister’s boyfriend offered to make a carbonara for our family and we accepted since we had heard good things about his cooking from my sister. He bought the pre-chopped garlic that comes in a container where it’s separated into portions. Now, I am not averse to garlic, in fact, I myself often put in more than the recommended amount when I cook, but this was bad. Turns out he had used all 30 portions of garlic to make a carbonara for 8 people. He had also used a certain kind of “matured” cheese which gave everything a nasty after taste. Overall, we haven’t let him cook food for us again, but he doesn’t know why.
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In Arequipa, Peru I drank a blended mixture consisting of molasses, stout beer, raw eggs, some vegetables, and frog skin. Yes, the skin of a frog. It’s a symbol for healthy fertility I guess, and the tour guide insisted we try it.
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My girlfriend in college wanted to be nice to my roommate and me because she often ate over at our apartment, so she wanted to cook dinner one night. Teriyaki steak. Somewhere along the line, she got the tbsp and cup measurements mixed up, and added 3/4 cup of salt. Pretty sure we were nearing the lethal dose of salt for a human, but I ate as much as I could, and drank as much water as I could for the next few days…
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