#1 My local hardware has a dog that follows you around, and takes your items to the counter for you.

POCKALEELEE / Via reddit.com

#2 I took my dog to the vet today and met this guy. The sign underneath is the best part.

70ms / Via reddit.com

#3 This best boy helping children testify.

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

#4 Lifeguard doggos in Croatia.

karlo_m / Via reddit.com

#5 Jax is the official stamp licker at the post office.


#6 This flower shop has a flower assistant who just needed to take a break in a bed of flowers.

takase_farm / Via twitter.com

#7 My buddies dog who is trained to dig up Sea Turtle nests so they can be safely incubated and set free after the hatch.

imjustadudeguy / Via reddit.com

#8 Pilot scares away all the birds who might otherwise come in to contact with aircraft at Vancouver Airport.

cre8tors / Via reddit.com

#9 Goodboi doggo, Uuno, works very hard as a video game developer.

Remember__Me / Via reddit.com

#10 My truffle hunter with the 18oz of white truffles she found today.

K931SAR / Via reddit.com

#11 This bar I go to has a roof where the security guard stays in one spot to welcome guests.

midimontage / Via reddit.com

#12 This is Oreo and he’s the greeter at our menswear store!

_acuddlemonster_ / Via reddit.com

#13 This police puppy.

colexyz / Via reddit.com

#14 The newest employee at our funeral home, Luna. The sleepy comfort pup.

Catfishsoupp / Via reddit.com

#15 Dog mechanic on the job.

unknown / Via boredpanda.com

#16 This is Pickle, a certified search dog for BC Search & Rescue. Here he is posing proudly with a shoe he found.

ehabanks / Via reddit.com

#17 Meet Hope! She gave kisses and candy at the airport on Valentine’s day.

erinthegreat0042 / Via reddit.com

#18 Biscuit, a staff moral officer.

thecockmeister / Via reddit.com

#19 Barney is assistant and all-round good boy at the Post Office in Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland.

RevolutionaryCommie / Via reddit.com

#20 Met this good girl at the San Diego airport. She’s there to brighten your day and ease your travel anxieties.

I regret not snapping a pic of her owner, who was the sweetest old man and was thoroughly enjoying his “job” (unpaid volunteer) just as much as his dog.
Ylimeq15 / Via reddit.com

Via r/DogsWithJobs, Preview photo credit: Remember__Me / reddit.com, imjustadudeguy / reddit.com